Tuesday, January 17, 2017

High in Fiber and good carbs, chickpeas are hitching a ride on this protein crazed train.

I live in the Middle East and hummus is everywhere. It’s at every restaurant, in all the grocery stores, and this “thick and rich, ultra-smooth and luscious while still remarkably light” hummus can even be found in the convenience store at the gas station. 

When I travel back to the states, the store-bought versions just don’t compare to what I can find here. I try to make my own, but I just can’t seem to get that ultra-smooth texture you find in authentic Middle Eastern hummus. 

I’ve asked my Arab friends how to get a rich, smooth, creamy texture, but they forget to mention this one simple, yet very important step that Maureen Abood, who has been nominated for a food journalism award, explains so beautifully in her article "What most people get wrong about making hummus”.

If you love hummus like I do, then check out this article to see “What people get wrong about making hummus”.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

This buttery infused fruit will take any dish to the next level

Eggs on toast just got a whole lot more exciting once I discovered slathering this buttery fruit on my toast. From the first bite, the irresistible flavor of that fat filled fruit swirls around, trapping all the spices from the habanero and fresh cracked pepper to interior of my mouth. Each bite more tempting than the last. 

Before I know it, all that’s left on my plate is a few crumbs, and if I’m lucky, a dropped piece of avocado that escaped my mouth to wipe up with my finger, allowing me to savor that last bite of heaven.

My meal leaves me satisfied, ready to take on my day. As I drive to work, I can still taste the flavors of habanero and fresh black pepper trapped in my mouth, leaving me dreaming about how to include this beautiful fruit into my next meal. 

Then I realize, guacamole. Not your usual avocado based dip, but one that swims around with cashews giving this guacamole a creaminess once only achieved by adding sour cream. 

Dreaming of the taste of the fresh cilantro and lime, accompanied by the perfect combination of spice, leaves my mouth watering. I can hardly wait for my day to be over so I can dive into that deliciousness with a bag of blue corn chips, or drizzling it over my black bean and roasted veggie tacos I crave so much. 

I gaze over to the passenger seat of my car and smile at my lunch box, knowing I packed half of the little fruit so I can enjoy it fresh cut, livening up my boring salad.
Today is going to be a great day. Not long to go before I can enjoy that buttery fruit that fulfills my soul.

Avocado Recipes

Taco Omelet- Drizzle a little Avocado Cashew Cream on this one.
Black Bean Quinoa Salad- Drizzle some Avocado Cashew Cream on this baby too.
Avocado Chocolate Mousse- Oh my! Kids LOVE this one!!
Brownie Oatmeal- Another great chocolate treat made with Avocados. 

More Avocado recipes to come...