Tuesday, May 17, 2016

10 Foods you can easily regrow from kitchen scraps

      Getting kids interested in where their food comes from is the first step in encouraging healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime. Kids are more likely to try a new fruit or vegetable if they grow it themselves. 

    Regrowing kitchen scraps is a great way to get kids interested in where their food comes from. So next time, instead of throwing out your kitchen scraps, why not ask your child, "Do you think we can grow this?"

     10 foods that you can easily grow with your kids from kitchen scraps. 

1. Celery

Super easy to regrow. Just cut the bottom off and place in a swallow bowl of water. Within a few days you’ll see roots appear and new green popping out of the center.

2. Lettuce and Bok Choy

Remove the outer leaves and place the stem in some water to watch them root. The leaves will need to be sprayed with water to keep them moist every day or two.

3. Carrots 

Just cut off the top and place in a shallow cup of water. Within a day or two you’ll see green tops beginning to grow and roots in about a week.

4. Pineapple

Cut the top off and insert toothpicks into the fleshy part to hold the crown above water. Replace water every couple of days, and within a week, roots should start to appear.

5. Basil and Coriander/Cilantro

Very easy to regrow, just place a stem about 3-4” long in a glass of water with the leaves above the water line. The stem will begin to root in a few days.

6. Potato

All you need to grow a potato is a peeling with eyes on them. Make sure you have two or three eyes on the peeling, then plant directly into the soil about four inches deep, eyes facing up. You also can just plant a small potato with eyes on them, no need to peel.

7. Lemongrass

Cut the bottom off and place in a swallow glass of water to watch roots and new sprouts appear in about a week.

8. Garlic

Remove one clove and place root side on a wet paper towel. Keep paper towel wet until roots start to appear. Plant in a sunny area.

9. Onions

Place the root side of the onion you cut off in a little water or on a wet paper towel until roots appear, then plant in a sunny area.

10. Tomatoes

Remove seeds and place on a wet paper towel and keep moist until they sprout. No need to dry them, they’ll sprout in a few days straight from the tomato.


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